Sunday, January 1, 2012


I hope everyone enjoyed bringing, ringing in the New Year.  Started with a visit to the kids , more presents for E and a lovely lunch.   Nothing much in the evening, but did turn on the tube to watch the Ball drop at Times Square.  Sometimes I think that it would be great fun to be there and share all that excitement, but usually the feeling passes like Scrooge would say like " an undigested bit of beef."
One more day of Holiday time and things will have to get back to normal.  Is there such a thing in anyone's life?   By normal I mean actually doing some writing on a regular basis and even submitting a picture book or two to some bewildered editor who will say..."OMG!  I'm so lucky to have found this ms. today.  Quick, this wonder worker...this gift to the children of the world and let us offer her a wonderful deal! "   Wow.  I really can write fiction.
I just remembered  that I was making a list of my books.  I really must get organized.
Perhaps tomorrow.   Happy New Year to all and Sundry!

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