Sunday, January 8, 2012

Prompt: : write about "the last time..."

The last time we had an actual Ballroom Dance lesson was at the Opera House Ballroom.  There were couples there from both sides of the border and I must say that our neighbors to the North were exceedingly stuck-up.  We Americans just didn't dance or teach dance properly.  Now there may be some truth to this, but after all...they were our guests.  Back to the story...the instructors were teaching some advanced turns for Samba and even though we can barely manage the beginners' steps we decided, "why not?  Maybe we can use the turns in another dance."  So it started.  Three instructors going around observing the 20 or so couples trying to move it and shake it and our favorite teacher wearing a mic. walking everyone through the steps of a double handed, over and under, behind the back, double turn that had us so tangled up we could no longer move.  Teacher comes over..."chuckles...Well, how do we fix this?  Patti, you need to lower your left elbow."  I reply into the mic. ,"I can't."   Everyone laughs, including myself,  because it's well known that when I get flustered I confuse my right and left.  Instructor points to my left elbow, pointing awkwardly toward the ceiling, and says," This one."   "Oh." I say.  "Okay."  By this time the other instructors have gathered round to see the action...sort of like the way you just have to look at an accident...and Teacher gently unwinds our arms and legs one step at a time so that we actually complete the turn.   We left soon after.  It was winter and we had a long drive home.  Right.

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