Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stephen King and JFK

Added on 1/30/12   I am soooooo embarrassed about the typo on the date /title of Mr. King's book!   No excuse but a lack of attention.
Well...I can't seem to get any response to my questions.  No one leaves a comment and  no one likes polls right now, I guess, too much political hot air blowing around.  I am going to publish the directions for the Teddy Bear, but then it's back to writing...mine or some one else.
   Anyone read Stephen King's "11-23-65?"  I'd be interested to know what you think.  I've always been a fan, but lately the endings seem to have taken a very improbable turn, even for Mr. King , IMHO, that is.   The Kennedy book is no exception, but in giving the book a second ending, it brought things back to the level of writing for the rest of the book.  Wonderful story and writing with a clever twist on the "Time Travel"  theory.  I was a teenager when those events occurred and could "live" the story as it progressed.  I'd be interested to get the take from someone younger, someone not yet born when the assassination took place.
  So...tomorrow the Bear and then...  only the Shadow knows.

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  1. Hi Scratchpad, this is the FIRST time I've been able to leave a message! For some reason my new computer doesn't display URL field on my browser.
    I had to copy it by hand from my OLD computer! maybe some of your readers are undergoing something similar. Thanks for tipping me off that there's some new King out there! my friends and I were discussing this very topic today (11-22-63), so I'm very interested on Stephens take. (I visited the site in Dallas in 2010.)