Thursday, January 5, 2012

more books

to continue my lists of books...
"Polliwog Pond"...another nature based picture book, detailing the life of a Leopard Frog, from egg to polliwog and all the changes that occur as "she"  becomes something entirely new. 

"Bonjour, Beatrice"....a fictionalized account of my mother's 3 year stay in an Ursuline Convent and Boarding School in the Montreal area after the death of her father in the flu epidemic of 1918.  she was only 8 years old when this happened and was reunited with her family after contracting Scarlet antibiotics radio, TV, Cell phones, only school and dormitories and nightgown rules, oh yes...and lots of prayers.

I'm currently working on three new books....all of them a departure from my usual genre.  Have found that multitasking in writing is not my forte.  Need to pick one and finish at least a first draft.  Will talk about these later.
    Here is a  drawing I did of Beatrice in a realistic version of the uniform of the day.   Black garbardine, black stockings and sensible shoes.


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