Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prompt: : write about being made fun of.

Being made fun of....hmmmm.  Not usually a pleasant experience, but if we're lucky we can find the humor and poke fun at ourselves.  A while back I had a gathering of friends at my home.  We were all gathered in the kitchen as usual and I'm sure a bit of wine or other spirits had been passed.  I remember standing at the stove, preparing some culinary masterpiece , I'm sure and probably talking trash about politics or the state of the world in general, when one of my friends remarked , "You certainly are sarcastic."  I stopped everything...turned to my friend and said, "Sarcastic!  Who, me?"   The entire room burst out laughing for evidently they had come to the conclusion quite some time ago that I treated most people and things in a very sarcastic manner.  I was the only one surprised but upon consideration had to agree.  I'm trying to be better but it's become second nature to me, so it's a struggle.  Long story, and all whenever the word is mentioned, we all say, "Who, me?"

On a different subject, has been suggested that a writer's blog contain more varied and interesting things than just little brags and blurbs about writing.   Recipes, photos, craft instructions, games, links, etc.   Anyone have an opinion on that.  Of course, I want people to be interested enough to come back but how do these things pertain to the craft of writing?  Should there somehow be a  connection?   How would one accomplish this?

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