Thursday, December 29, 2011

going, going, gone

I'm back. Not much to say.   Haven't progressed on any of my writing projects, but the characters and storyline are progressing in my head.  names, places events keep insinuating themselves into my thoughts, sometimes at the oddest moments.  sometimes while I'm talking to Mike.  My mind goes off to my Other universe and I suppose my eyes sort of glaze over and stop talking.  Not very polite, but it happens.  Most often the story starts to develop when I'm trying to fall asleep.  the trick is to remember all those wonderful ideas.
Maybe I'll talk about the books I've already written.  Here they are in order:
1)  "A Walk with Willow" ... a sort of Field Guide for young readers without a field.  the 1st book was "To the Stream,"  to be followed by "To the Forest,"  "To the Meadow" and "Under the Winter Moon."
2) "Nightshade's Tale,"  the story of a dragonfly who wants to be a "real" dragon.  A picture book with educational back material about native plants and wildflowers and of course dragonflies.
3)  "Little Cat on His Own,"  my favorite about a small abandoned cat and his search for a home.
4)  "The Seed,"  a picture book about the milkweed plant and its relationship with a Monarch butterfly...wonderful bedtime reading.
5)  to be continued tomorrow.....

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