Saturday, December 10, 2011


Well, again I'm running to catch up.  Every year I promise myself I won't fuss and fret about the holidays but every year I repeat the frenzy of the year before.   I said no dinners,  I'm having 2.  I said no decorations.  I actually went out and cut down a tree.'s a sad little thing from my woods that looks only a tad better than Charlie Brown's, but a tree, nonetheless.  And yes.  I spent too much time in the closet from hell looking for ornaments and cards and old wrapping paper.  And the Xmas cards still have to be written and mailed and the shopping is waiting to be done.  Fortunately, or unfortunately for some, I call myself a "craftsperson"  so there will again be a pile of handmade gifts that I will wrap and ribbon and present as tiny treasures.  You know, "made with Love."   It's true, but perhaps not always a welcome gift and people are too nice to say.   "Why do you bother with this crap every year?"   Plus.  I always stress myself out trying to get them all finished.   Next year I promise not to fuss over the Holidays.

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