Sunday, December 4, 2011


Just logged out and just had to comment on the wide range of emotions appearing in posts today.  True...some of my friends are not friends IRL, but people that I've communicated with for years on other sites and truly think of  as friends.  Others I barely know.  Others are family and other are friends from way back.   Today there was a post just about feeling grateful and peaceful;  one that was a diatribe against the President, for no reason that I could see;  one about America vs Canada ...guess who was the "Bad Guy?"  Two or three with lovely Christmas and Solstice  thoughts ;  a few blaming hypocritical Christians for all our problems and one poor woman who totally lost it when someone questioned her parenting skills.  I've never been able to understand why people post such personal and IMHO embarrassing things about themselves.  Maybe to make the rest of us feel superior?  I know that I have promised myself not to talk about some of these people i.e.  to name names and truly I want to do that but oh...they make it so hard.

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