Monday, December 5, 2011

Raising my standards

Have been looking at some new KidLit on Amazon and have come to the realization that kids are much more sophisticated than they were even 5 years ago.  Language and story lines are much more mature than when I was working at the Library.  A Picture Book is still a Picture Book and themes vary wildly, but what I considered appropriate for Middle Readers when I began writing, is now too childish.  Younger readers may like it, but from what I can see and the books that are selling now, I have to approach this in a whole new way.   Tween and YA seem to be what it's all about now and they don't want "cute little stories,"  but complicated and challenging plots and characters that they can relate to.  I know this seems obvious, but when you get caught up in the writing process  or a story just seems to want to write itself, your head and heart don't necessarily have the same priorities.  I guess that all people that create, be it art, music or prose have moments of feeling wild emotional I'm in a low place but can see a way out.

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