Friday, February 3, 2012


Well.  Two days...two  blogs of writing.  Time for something different for the weekend.   Writing about my friend, Mel was a obsession that had to be written.  The first time I've felt that way in a while and it was a bit draining but exhilarating.   Oh, I'm still submitting, but really dragging my feet on my current writing projects.  Need to do more research on my "Tween"  title.  Need to get to the Library.  Yes, Virginia.  They do exist... in the hearts of all us Boomers.  So...........time for another craft project?   I thought that I'd post pics and instructions for Leaf Casting.  A very satisfying garden craft that can be used for a multitude of things.  Only your imagination sets the limit.
Plenty of Slate Juncos outside my window, a sure harbinger of more snow.  That's OK.  Last week's snow is already melted away.   Look tomorrow for me being artsy-craftsy.

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