Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Pair of Shoes

   A pair of shoes can hold infinite possibilities.   Just think about the names  we give them:     Loafers,  sneakers, slippers,  pumps, stilettos, sandals, spectators,  f#ck me,  saddle, white and dirty bucks , oxfords, sh*t kickers,  platforms, clogs and the ubiquitous flip-flops.   No other piece of apparel has such a flair for the dramatic...panache, as it were.
    Think about a tall, self confident business woman.  Add a pair of 4 " heels and suddenly she's got it...power, standing eye to eye with her male counterpart, perhaps even an inch or two taller.  Maybe she can intimidate the one who's used to intimidating.
   A pair of shoes can make music.  Think Tap Shoes, rhythmically carrying the tune and practically singing the words.
   Toe Shoes, so elegantly showcasing the beauty of the dance while sometimes hiding the pain of the dancer.
    And then there are the baby's...not the soft knitted booties, but that first pair of real shoes.  Infancy is gone and now there is an inquisitive, growing individual, gradually growing away from home toward a life with friends.   Growing into those expensive Athletic Shoes.  So many many sports and comfortable that they carry us for most of our lives.
  Yes.  there are shoes for every occasion, big and little.    Marking time.  Marking our memories.

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  1. Nice writing. (You should put a comment up about Dad's "ruby slippers" though! Haha!)