Friday, February 24, 2012


Hello again.   After much contemplation and sleeping on the matter,  I have decided how to continue with my writing and the "Perilous Quest to Being Published."    The "Toe Pads"  were just to get your attention.   Worked, didn't it?
I will continue to submit my Picture Books to established publishing houses with the hope of finding a "home"  for my nature based books.  The reason:   when it comes to illustrated books this is still the best method of producing a quality work.
As for my other Titles...I am going to venture into the world of E-books.   The 1st research project will be to find the publisher that fits my needs.   There are more and more of these "publishing formatters"  every day.   Some want up-front money and do part of the work for you.  Some take their money as a percentage of sales along with other fees.  You can still end up with as much as 65% if you choose the right one and if...the big sell books.   You also need to set the price correctly.  Too cheap and people may think it's not a good item.  Higher prices mean higher profits, but who will pay $9.99 for work by an unknown?
The 2nd project is the marketing.  OK.  I have a blog.  I'll need a FB Page for my books.  Gack...I may even need a website!   More cash outlay, since I am completely a moron when it comes to all things related to the way of the programmer. And get this... People are now posting their own Book Trailers on You Tube!  Another scary project for an amateur like me.
Once I get these things researched and  decisions made I will put myself out there...very, very frightening.  Which book should it be?  Right now I'm thinking "LITTLE CAT ON HIS OWN."  It was originally going to be a book for Middle Readers, but all my friends..(.I know. They're biased)...are cat lovers and all have really enjoyed the story.  One of them already has it sold to the movies and has stars picked out for all the voices.   An optimist, indeed.
My other choice would be "NUNS, NOUNS AND NIGHTGOWN RULES."   This one is my fictionalized account of the time my mother spent in an Ursuline Convent/Boarding School in the 1920s after the death of her father.  The Convent is now a Museum in Quebec and some day I would really like to visit.  I wrote this a few years ago for my family.  I would probably offer this one for 99cents or just for free.   Let's face it.  The market for stories about French Nuns is pretty small.  
Anyway.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it...unless anyone has a better idea.
Thanks for stopping by.   Come back soon.


  1. Sounds like a plan. Now stick to it!

  2. Good for you! Enjoy the journey. And network your toe pads off in order to hook up with those who have knowledge, talent, experience, and inspiration to help you along the way. =^,,^=