Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Ruby Slippers

  It was suggested that I should have explained the picture of the "very odd shoes"  that accompanied yesterday's blog.   It's a long story and involves a project for my Niece;s 40th Birthday.  Her husband had an idea ..  ".Let's   ask the friends and relatives that live out of the area to send a video Birthday Greeting.  We'll watch them at the party."  It seems I can never do anything in half measures, so I decided to put on a little play.  The story would be from the Wizard of Oz.
    The cast :  Dorothy- reluctantly played by my husband, costumed in a blue jumper, white pinafore, homemade wig and of course....ta -da...the Ruby Slippers.  An old pair of sneakers sprayed red and sprinkled with glitter.  He also carried the famous basket inhabited by a stuffed animal that may or may not have been a dog.
      Wicked Witch - that of course would have been yours truly.  Green faced, hatted and broomed, I told  "my pretty and her little dog, too,"  about the hazards of turning 40.  If I remember rightly they involved orthopedic shoes, muumuus, wrinkles and granny panties.  Oh, my!  
      Glinda -   my partner in many a crime , Sheryl "the Crankster,"  Crankshaw.   Credit where credit is due...she did not appear on camera but provided the voice of Glinda along with the camera operation.  Smashing good job!
    It was quite an endeavor....cue cards, music from the movie and so many laughs that it's a wonder that we accomplished anything at all.   It was a big my niece and nephew's house and of course I made a copy for my own viewing enjoyment.   Kudos to my husband for letting us dress him up.  BTW...he only had one line in the production...  "Toto, too?"  And of course he blew it.  leaving us doubled over and ad-libbing like crazy.  Wait...the whole thing was crazy and that's what put the fun in funny.


  1. Dad was the best! Didn't you hit him with the broom when he messed up his line? The whole thing was hilarious!

  2. Yes, Joon. I did indeed hit him with my broom.
    His "flub' and our reactions just made the whole thing funnier.