Sunday, March 11, 2012

Caution... Poetry Ahead!

A couple of poems that I wrote as a challenge.....for what they're worth...


There is a cemetery I know,
Rarely visited, barely tended.
As I wander amid the mossy stones
I think of those that were loved and then lost.

Here, a Soldier, lost for someone else's Freedom.
There a child, too fragile, too young.
Here a Great-Grandmother- all her offspring, listed as numbers,
As if she wre trying to outdo her neighbors.

And what trgedy befell this family,
Dying together so long ago?
Who wrote this sorrowful verse engraved on this crumbling stone?
Barely legible but with an echo that fills my eyes with tears.

Do others wander as I do?
Not for the history but for this strange feeling of peace that falls so softly.
This quiet pine scented place seems crowded with friendly folk.
Happy to have a visitor.

"Set down and chat a spell.
I'll put the kettle on."

                                           do you think you know me - 1

                              Blazing anger.  The eyes I thought I knew
                                     hold no forgiveness.
                              My friend, my sister of the heart.
                                     Where did she go?
                              What did I say to make her leave?
                                      I sit and think.

                                      bereft, bewildered, trying to remember.
                               Only remembering tears.
                                       I can't defend myself,
                                Therefore I must be guilty.
                                       But why?

                         do you think you know me -2

                                 Days I sit and wonder.
                                  Nights I search my conscience.
                                   How long do I wait,  leaving messages that aren't returned. 
                                  Sorrow turns to anger.
                                    Anger turns to apathy.
                                      Finally an apology,

                                  Impersonal email.  Vague excuses.
                                    "I'm under stress.  I need some space."
                                       I guess I don't know you.
                                   You definitely don't know me.

If you're up for it...I also have a Limerick


  1. I'm going to see if I can get thru. This is so timely! My hubcat n I have been part of a poetry/arts gp that meets at Cal Tech every week...for about a year. I have felt this cemetery consciousness in places like Boston--incredible cemeteries there!!! The ones about the
    rift with the (sister?) resonate as my 2 nieces are feuding most painfully. Thank you!!!

  2. Really great stuff. You can write anything if you try it. You need more confidence, but I give you credit for putting yourself out there on a blog!