Friday, May 11, 2012

A Frenzy of Butterflies

I know I've been afk for quite a while.  The outside world has been distracting me.
      Nature is bursting at the seams with new things to scrutinize.  Our Bluebirds have left the nest, but the Orioles are here, teasing me with their song..."Look at me.  Find me. Find me."  There are buds on my waterlilies and the miniature Irises are the same shade of yellow as the butter I put on my breakfast muffin.
     Butterflies...that was the subject.  I know we've all watched a butterfly carelessly drifting from flower to flower or seemingly blown by the wind over the lilacs and down again.  A few days ago the weather was just about perfect...sun, a bit of a breeze and mild, scented air.  I was inside, doing some mundane chore.  I may even have been lying on the couch staring at the television.  OK.  I admit it.  I like to nap in the afternoon.  I kept noticing something flying up from my flower bed and zooming away.  I began to watch more closely and great mother of mars, they were butterflies.  Hundreds, apparently emerging all at once.  They flew to the top of the windows and then rushed to the side yard.  They were flying with a purpose that astounded me.  I could hardly believe they were butterflies.  Finally one stopped to orient itself on the window.  It was indeed a small, brown and gray butterfly, plain and ordinary by butterfly standards, but butterfly nonetheless.  Suddenly it was gone like the rest.
     I went outside to find them but they were disappearing as hastily as they arrived but at last I knew their purpose.  Hundreds of mating dances were taking place in the air.  Spiraling bodies and flickering wings...nature again renewing herself.
     I felt somehow privileged to have seen these wonderful creatures, so determined, and driven by the urge to create something new.
      Now it's up to me...  to regain the purpose and determination  that I thought I had lost.  Unfortunately, like the butterflies I am used to seeing, the drifting, wafting ones,  I must try new things, restlessly moving from project to project.
     I need to remember the mission.

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